Stonelike Wall
Clear Mark 30x90
Stonelike Wall
Clear Four 30x90
Stonelike Wall
Greige Mark 30x90
Stonelike Wall
Greige Feel 30x90 & Greige Mark 30x90
Stonelike Wall enriches the Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces by its diversity, as it discovers a precise selection of stones from the quarries of the world. The imperfections proper to the matter are canceled out, to accentuate the intrinsic beauty of these natural stones and light in format of 30x90cm.

Without losing the cosmopolitan character, this collection presents a chromatic range composed by three shades and reliefs: Mark, creating with a hammered texture the reflection of a textile mesh; Four, presents an optical game of geometric lines and Feel that results in a cascade of sensations.


Production : White Body / Rectified / Destonified V.2
Material : Mark / Feel / Four
Colors : Clear / Greige
Designs By Format : : 30X90: 15
Thickness : 11mm