Gubi Wall
Light 90x90 & Light Prints 30x90
Gubi Wall
Cloud Peak 30x90
Gubi Wall
Cloud Calm 30x90
Gubi Wall
Taupe Calm 30x90 & Taupe Peak 30x90
Gubi Wall
Anthracite Prints 30x90
Gubi Wall
Anthracite Peak 30x90
The polished look of microcement grants to Gubi Wall collection a minimalist and modern character. This is a perfect complement to the whole Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces set by the high functionality that gives the 30x90cm format and the four colors choice.

The heterogeneities of the natural surface, the aqueous effects and the salts have remained to propose a series of three sober and elegant reliefs. First, Calm conveys harmony and serenity, while Prints highlights the beauty of imperfection and Peak creates a unique optical game.


Production : White Body / Rectified / Destonified V.2
Material : Calm / Prints / Peak
Colors : Gubi Wall Light / Gubi Wall Cloud / Gubi Wall Taupe / Gubi Wall Anthracite
Designs By Format : 30X90: 15
Thickness : 9mm